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Mobile Devices Go On Vacation, Too!

Do your listeners know that you have free mobile streaming apps? They should. According to eMarketer, 78.8% of people take their devices/tablets with them all the time when they go on vacation. Even when your listeners are away from home, let them know they can still listen to their favorite morning show, talk show, segment, etc.

Mobile Ad Impressions on the Rise

Advertiser and demand-side platform demand for mobile ad impressions through real-time bidding rose from 0.4 bids per impression request in January to 1.6 in June, with a peak of 1.7 in May, according to MoPub. The US demonstrated the largest share of auction volume in Q2, growing from 21% in April to 25% in June, with banner ads dominating at 86% of volume.

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Are You Sending Weekly Promo Emails?

Smartphone owners are far more likely to be open to receiving promotional emails on their devices than are standard mobile phone owners, per results from a StrongMail survey conducted by Forrester Consulting. 65% of smartphone owners said they would want to receive promotional messages once a week or more, almost double the proportion (34%) of standard mobile phone owners.

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 Samsung the Top Android Maker in China

Combined Android and iOS growth in China continues to outpace the global smartphone market. Samsung continues to sit atop the pack with a 23.8 percent share of Android devices, according to data from Chinese analytics firm Umeng.

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450 Million Annual Tablet Sales by 2016

Tablets and smartphones will not completely displace PCs. But they will quickly overwhelm them in terms of unit sales. When, where, how and to what degree this occurs will have tremendous implications across many businesses and industries (just another reason to promote your free mobile streaming apps!). In a report just out from BI Intelligence, we estimate that tablet sales will reach 400 million units by 2016.

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