The Week in Streaming News

Check out the latest internet growth trends in general from Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers. Click here to download the latest report showing rapid adoption of mobile still in early stages ....and a whole lot of great information on how nearly everything is being "re-imagined" by the internet. You, out there in radio land, are in position to capitalize on a lot of this growth..... and the fact that you are streaming is proof of that. Remember, what just a few years ago was a novelty, is now a necessity!

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Online ad revenue doubles that of radio's in first quarter..... and that's why it's so important that you are taking advantage of the overwhelming growth in online and mobile streaming. Note the comments about online video and mobile ads, and how hard it is to monetize your online streams. Click here for the full article. You can easily beat that devil by joining our ADNet and taking advantage of video and rich-media banner ad revenue that we share equally with all of our station-partners.

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Hey did you know that the internet was "sorta" 'invented' in 1934 by a Belgian "IT" guy named Paul Otlet? Yep, that's right.... it's ok, Al Gore was shocked too! In 1934, Paul Otlet realized that the wires and radio waves connecting the world could be used for more than chatter and entertainment, but also to bring the world's knowledge into any home. So not only are we in the homes, thanks to the internet and the ability to stream, we are now in the office, the gym, the shop, at the beach, on a bike, hiking in the woods....and the list of ways and means to reach your listeners continues to expand. 

Check out this article that surfaced last week. It shows the 1934 business model that incorporated what could easily be described as 'multi-media transfer of information.' 

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