Securenet Systems Launches “Stream to Mobile” Capabilities for Radio Streaming Clients


Diego Baeza
Director of New Business Development

Securenet Systems
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Deerfield Beach – March 25, 2009 - Securenet Systems, Inc.,, a radio streaming services company in South Florida, has introduced new “Stream to Mobile” capabilities for mobile listeners. Radio stations may now stream directly to mobile users, via iPhone or any Windows Mobile device. A Customer Control Panel provides radio station operators with the ability to easily generate buttons/banners to be placed on their website. When a listener clicks on the Mobile Streaming button, full navigation instructions are provided to them with the stream information for that station already embedded. Windows Mobile listeners can connect directly to the stream link provided. iPhone does not allow direct linking and instead, listeners use an app such as F-Stream, which is a free iPhone app that they simply download on their iPhone or from their iTunes desktop.

Securenet’s streaming packages provide customizable players with advanced ad-replacement features that can play synchronized banner ads with a particular spot for greater impact. A stats program tracks all ad-plays, banner impressions and click-throughs for accurate tracking and billing. The system also provides audio or video pre-roll features that allow the play of a specific audio or video file before the station stream kicks in, with the ability to synchronize banners with pre-rolls.

Station operators also have the ability to black-out content that cannot be licensed for online streaming, and another stats module tracks and calculates all royalties, providing concise, month-end reports to the client. Each station is provided with two players; one for live and one for on-demand, with yet another stats program tracking listener habits and traits. The radio streaming packages can accommodate any small market station, or provide for unlimited listeners in larger markets and all packages come with the same power-packed features.

Securenet Systems is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida and is one of the largest radio streaming companies and a leading provider of low-cost, hi-speed streaming services and software, serving the radio streaming market in over 200 countries and every US state. Securenet Systems’ proprietary, redundant network and disaster-ready datacenter utilizes the latest technology, equipment and years of experience to provide high quality streaming for radio stations and their Internet listeners, all backed by 24/7 monitoring and support.

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