Ride The Wave of Advertising Revenue

Earn additional revenue from US and international desktop and mobile listeners with video pre-rolls, video replacement spots and rich media banner ads via our radio streaming players. Our Ad Delivery Network provides ads to listeners worldwide.

If you have read any of our recent blog and news articles, then you know that mobile and desktop listening is growing rapidly, and so is the advertising opportunities that go along with it. You may already be using your advertising tools in your Control Panel to take advantage of this explosion. We recently added some new stats and metrics features specifically to aid you in tracking; and if you haven't already done so, you may want to familiarize yourself with some of these newer features.

We operate our own ad platform that generates hundreds of millions of video and banner impressions a month for stations that have opted in to join our network, the revenue of which we share equally with all of our station-partners. Our system also allows you to run your own in-stream ads, pre-rolls, and banners, and fill the rest of your avails from our ADNet. You can schedule and sequence any way you want and switch back and forth any time with the click of a mouse.

When you join our ADNet, you are not only taking advantage of the fastest-growing ad sector, but you are making your job a lot easier. Many stations do not have the time and/or resources to devote to monetizing their online listener sessions. By joining our ADNet, we take that all away from you, we do all the work, and you get a check every month for your split of the revenue!

Being part of our ADNet will benefit you in the following ways;

*     No selling
*     No tracking
*     No accounting
*     No invoicing
*     No affidavits
*     Nothing at all for you to do!

We have put together a network of digital ad platforms that provide your listeners with high-quality advertisers from all corners of the Fortune 5000 world. Our aggregated traffic volume allows us to bid for higher payout campaigns, which means more money for you. We are able to aggregate syndicated and geo-targeted networks, and provide advertisers with specific, localized ad space....your player! After all, radio is all about local advertising, and every ad we serve is geo-targeted for the best response and click-through rates. 

Also, by aligning yourself with a lot of big-brand advertisers, you are increasing your credibility with your listeners as well.

Our ads are carefully screened by AdChoice and tracked by DoubleVerify, in order to meet all acceptable family-friendly standards. To join our ADNet, you can send an email to info@securenetsystems.net or contact your account rep! Don't wait...start earning additional revenue today!


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