Radio ‘Greener’ in 2010 Thanks to Radio WorkFlow

Many radio organizations are committed to increasing productivity and doing away with the painful paper system has been a part of radio organizations for decades.

Radio WorkFlow’s software links your sales, creative, traffic and production departments with a paperless software system designed exclusively for the radio industry. It even gives radio stations the ability to remotely submit and update production orders and material instructions.

When computers were first introduced, a lot of companies began using less and less paper….while some companies were slow to adapt to changing times and continued to use the same amount of paper they had been using in the past.

Radio WorkFlow may take some time to catch on, but it is a beneficial software that carries paperless workflow from the ordering of the creative and the booking of the spot, right through to the creative writing, traffic, production and dubbing procedures…making it easier for station managers by automating many processes.

Radio WorkFlow’s biggest new feature is the inclusion of "Ad Bank" which acts like a commercial universe, where users can listen to and link ads to material instructions without the need to get up from their desk.

During the Winter Olympics, Virgin Radio Vancouver was also operating without paper and has committed to a "Greener" environment.


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