Portable Internet Radios


There are plenty of Internet radio applications for web-connected mobile phones that let you tune in to your favorite webcasts on the go, but what about other devices that lack cellular connections? A new series of portable routers take an Internet connection from cellular providers like Sprint and make it available on a Wi-Fi network, allowing devices like the iPod Touch or netbooks to access Net radio on the go.

It creates, as Sprint CEO Daniel R. Hesse calls it, “a personal Wi-Fi bubble.” One of these devices, called MiFi, is becoming more and more popular. New York Times columnist Saul Hansell noticed that “on my commuter bus ride to New Jersey, my laptop is picking up hot spots called MiFi, implying that people are already throwing these gadgets in their purses or briefcases so they can surf on the road.” For more on these devices, check out The New York Times’ coverage here.


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