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Online Advertising Growth - Targeting a Factor

Marketers say the most important benefit of online advertising, compared to offline advertising, is online's more accurate targeting capabilities, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

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The study notes that targeted media are the most highly valued, with traditional paid search (78% rating important), audience buying (73%), retargeting (68%), and contextual display ads (65%) at the top of the list. At the other end of the spectrum, just 30% ranked pay-per-click ads on social networks like Facebook as important to their goals. (Source:

And speaking of online advertising, are you taking advantage of the ad space available on your players? By running ads on your desktop players and mobile apps, you can earn additional revenue for your station. It's easy to opt-in to our Ad Delivery Network to display rich-media banner ads from Fortune 5000 companies. The option is available in your Radio Control Panel, under the advertising section. 

Upgraded to Cirrus™ Player Yet?

Make sure you are upgraded to the new Cirrus™ Player. It's quick, simple, and free. The new player has a revolutionary design, equipped with player apps that you can turn on or off via your Radio Control Panel. You can also use your player as your website, perfect for internet broadcasters. The 5 buttons along the top of the player allow you to create content pages with a full HTML editor. You can edit any of the content pages in your Radio Control Panel.
See a demo player here.

We Have How Many Apps?

Each day we're submitting loads of apps to Google Play and the iTunes Store. As of right now, we have close to 2,000 iOS and Android apps live. It's important to make sure you are offering mobile streaming apps to your listeners so they can continue listening even when they are away from their computer. On top of that, the apps have rich-media banner ads, allowing you to earn even more revenue hand-in-hand with your desktop player with ads. To request free apps, submit a ticket here.


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