NPR and Livio Moving Forward for Internet Radio

NPR (National Public Radio) and Livio have teamed up to create a revolutionary Internet Radio Device called NPR Radio by Livio.
This device is a standalone internet radio that connects listeners to over 16,000 internet radio stations around the world. It allows you to find NPR stations and programming; whether you’re in your home, office, or even away from your computer…. All you need is a WiFi network.
A great feature of the NPR Radio is that it allows you to find, search, and bookmark NPR stations, podcasts, segments, and content…either by topic or by program.
“At the same time that we were thinking about that younger audience that are adopting all of that new technology, we’re also trying to consider our core audience, which is a fifty-year-old listener,” said NPR director of consumer products and e-commerce Barbara Sopato. “They may not have the iPhone, but they understand the radio, and we were just trying to figure out how to serve them in the digital space where you can get everything, anytime you want it.”
“The real concept here was distribution of audio into something that anyone from any age group or any technological sophistication level could operate,” agreed Livio CEO Jake Sigal.
NPR Radio has no subscription fees or contracts. All you would need to do is set up the device on a WiFi network and you’ll be listening to your favorite content immediately.


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