New Year… Promote, Promote, Promote

Happy New Year from all of us at Securenet Systems! Thank you for making 2012 such a great year for us!

As you ring in the new year, what types of things will you be doing to increase online listenership? Now that online listening numbers are higher than ever, you should be making sure you're promoting your streaming. Not only will you gain more online listeners, but you have the opportunity to earn additional revenue by running ads on your player, as part of our Ad Delivery Network.

Here are some ideas to consider that may help promote your streaming:

  • Have your DJs constantly mention your online player on air
  • Run promo or contest banners on your players with our ad sequencer, then promote these promos or banners on air or on your website
  • Display the current song playing on your Twitter page via a simple connect feature in your Control Panel (this also creates a link to your player on each tweet)
  • Link your player on your Facebook page daily and provide programming schedules
  • Make sure your listen live button is somewhere on your website that's easy to see
  • Make sure you have our iOS and Android apps for your station (and promote these too)
By employing a few of these tactics, you're making your terrestrial listeners aware that they can listen anywhere. And even if your listeners already know that they can listen online, it's always good to remind them.  
By gaining listeners, you can earn revenue from ads which can help pay for your monthly streaming! Your mobile app streaming is also equally as important. If you don't have mobile apps yet, just send an email to


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