More Infinite Dial 2009 Statistics

Last week we posted some interesting facts and figures from The Infinite Dial 2009 report, but after reviewing Arbitron's whole study, here are some more statistics.
  • An Estimated 69 Million Americans Listened to Online Radio in the Last Month
  • Weekly Online Radio Audience Up by Nearly One-Third in Last Year
  • Online Radio Reaches One in Five 25- to 54-Year-Olds per Week
  • Online Radio Attracts an Upscale, Well-Educated and Employed Audience
  • “Variety” and “Control” Are Top Reasons for Listening to Online Radio
  • Online Radio Is the Soundtrack for Research and Shopping on the Internet
  • Nearly One in Three Interested in Listening to Online Radio In-Car
  • Approximately 69 Million People have Watched Internet Video in Last Week
  • Nearly Two-Thirds of Monthly Online Radio Listeners Watched Online Video In Past Month
  • Online Radio Listeners More Likely to Have Purchased Digital Audio Online
  • One in Five Americans Have Ever Listened to an Audio Podcast
  • An Estimated 27 Million Americans Have Listened to a Podcast in the Last Month


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