Listeners are looking for your station on Alexa

Alexa skills

Listeners are looking for your station on Alexa. Have you created Alexa skills to allow listeners to hear your stream throughout their home? -- "ALEXA, PLAY 109 THE ROCK" -- If not, let us set you up.

Alexa is everywhere... it's accessible through hundreds of smart home devices and integrated with thousands more. It's on smartphones, car dashboards, TVs and even appliances. People have embraced Alexa more than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic and are using it to access local news, music, podcasts, and more.


Can they find you?

YES - Remind listeners about your skills! The pandemic is forcing many Americans to quarantine at home, leading many to listen to the radio more than usual. This is one of the biggest ways to reach listeners right now throughout their home.

NO - Hurry and get your station on Alexa-enabled devices! Now is more important than ever. The best's quick and easy to get started. Open a support ticket now and we'll get you started.


Remember... nothing beats having access to your favorite station by voice, "Alexa, play [your radio station here]."

If you have any questions on how to enable a skill, please let us know or you can reach out to your Concierge and they will be more than happy to help!


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