Give the people what they want


We make it easy to see what songs listeners like the most. With song ratings, you know exactly what songs to play more of and what songs to scale back on. Give listeners what they want and they'll keep coming back.


Song ratings on your desktop player and apps can tell you exactly what listeners are into. Listeners can choose a thumbs up or thumbs down when a song is playing. This gives you insight into what kind of songs your listeners like to hear most. Be proactive - push listeners to rate songs and post reminders on your social media/station website.


Song rating reports are useful to analyze what songs are trending at your station. Simply enabling song ratings isn't enough... you must dig deep and get to know your listeners' likes/dislikes. Access reports for any date range and it will show you how many times a song was played along with how many thumbs up and thumbs down it received.


SongIQ reports show you the top songs by various criteria. You can see the top songs for most listened, most aired, most liked (thumbs up), most requested song alerts (listener-subscribed push notifications from your app). You can even have this report emailed to you automatically on a schedule.


Make sure you're curating playlists based on what listeners want to hear!


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