Give Listeners Plenty To See

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Your listeners want to know what you're playing...

Give them something to see. Simple features like album art, song info, and song facts complete the look and feel of your players and apps. Fully loaded players and apps keep your listeners interested and keeps them coming back. You can even place our 'now playing' widget anywhere (that links to your player).

We offer free DCS (Data Capture Software) installation that allows you to send real-time song/show information to display on your players and apps.

Players and apps with DCS offer a lot of engaging features

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You can see how visually appealing and "full" a player with DCS becomes. Album art and song info fill each slot and allows the listener to engage with every single song. They can also browse through endless amounts of song info and artist info right on your player.

Increase listener dwell time and you can generate more ad revenue due to more time spent on your players and apps.

Talk stations can also take advantage of DCS!

You don't need to play music to take advantage of DCS. Even if you're a talk station, you can still enable DCS to display show/segment info and even host photos in place of the album art. Then you've got an endless playlist of all shows/segments that listeners can browse through.


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