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With TuneIn, people can listen to live local and global stations from anywhere, even if they are on the other side of the world. TuneIn is a radio stream aggregator that pulls in over 50,000 stations from all over the world, and is one of the biggest providers of radio streams to internet devices, desktops, apps, and automobiles to more than 30 million users worldwide. Listeners in your local market and around the world can find your station on mobile phones, cars, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and internet radios; TuneIn is already in use on more than 150 devices such as the Logitech Squeezebox. And it's been integrated into certain BMW and Mini vehicles.
While other sites like Pandora and Spotify offer personalized music services, TuneIn offers music from local radio stations but also runs talk, sports, news and other programming which are also big draws. If you're just an internet broadcaster, don't worry, TuneIn lists both traditional radio stations and internet-only stations.
As of November 2011, TuneIn was the number 1 streaming iPhone app, capturing 6.6% of iPhone users, with Pandora and Spotify trailing closely, and the number 3 streaming Android app with 4.9% of Android users. There is a cool feature on the apps that scans people's music libraries on their phones and then looks for stations whose playlists best match those artists. About 100,000 TuneIn Radio users already utilize the service through in-car solutions, though many more connect to the service with in-car Bluetooth via an iPhone or Android App.

Source: Onavo Insights

TuneIn's goal is to help radio stations find new audiences... and this is a great compliment to your online stream, in addition to your custom iPhone and Android apps. Even if you have your own custom apps, making sure your stream is listed with TuneIn is important; you want to push your stream to as many platforms as possible!
If you have been streaming online for quite a while, then your stream is probably already indexed in TuneIn. If you're a new station, it's super easy to add yourself. All you need to do is go here and submit your station information, and TuneIn should have you up and running within 48 hours. You can supply them with your logo and bio for better branding.
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