Get a Free Nexus 7 Tablet

The holidays are coming up... Treat yourself to a free Nexus 7 tablet from Securenet Systems. The Nexus 7, made by Google, is a 7" light-weight Android tablet with 16GB of storage. Surf the web or run your favorite Google Play apps (like your station's Android app). The Nexus 7 is a hot item this year.

If you'd like one, all you have to do is prepay for your streaming for one year -or- sign up 10+ streams in one month. If you only have one or two streams, no problem! You can just prepay for a year. You get your year's worth of streaming (no more worrying about month-to-month payments) and a nice gift for the holidays.

Want more than 1 tablet? If you have more than 1 stream, simply prepay for each stream and you'll get that many tablets. All you have to do is send an email to or fill out the form here with your station's name to request a free Nexus 7 and we'll get yours shipped immediately.


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