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Special Promotion For The Month of February


Do you have a friend, associate or industry partner that needs our streaming services? If you do know of anyone, and you send us a referral, you will RECEIVE A 2-MONTH CREDIT TO YOUR ACCOUNT equal in value to the plan that is signed up for, not exceeding the value of your own plan.

As you know, we always strive hard to take care of your needs and cater to your listeners' latest needs and wants. The greatest compliment we can ever receive from you, our valued client, is a referral. Rest assured that we will take good care of anyone you refer to us, always giving them the very best in customer service, advanced features and reliable high-speed streaming.

The Latest From Microsoft 


If you were worrying about the new Windows 8 slated to come out later in the fall, don't. Here are 8 reasons why it will be D.O.A. Read here for more on that. Don't worry though, our developer team is hard at work on our new planetary streaming system that will keep you far ahead of the competition and streaming in high-quality to all listeners, on whatever platform or format is around the next bend, in the ever-changing streamscape of online radio. 

Mobile Advertising Continues To Grow 

zdnetFrom ZDNet - Agencies reported mobile advertising during the Q4 2011 was up 39 percent. The iPhone remains the top choice as reported by 83 percent of agencies surveyed, though Android continues to close the gap, up 32 percent over Q3 2011 and up 50 percent over the Q4 2010. Although the iPad is still third for mobile advertising, 76 percent say that with Apple and Amazon continuing to focus on building tablet content, there will be an increase in interest for advertising on the newer medium. Read here for more on that. 

U.S. smartphone ownership closing in on 100 million, comScore reveals...

smartphonesLast week, comScore released its data on the U.S. mobile and smartphone market, details of which broadcasters and webcasters might find interesting. The study examined the final three months of 2011. Nearly 48% of U.S. mobile subscribers used apps, almost 24% listened to music on their phones. Google Android remains the top U.S. smartphone platform, with a 47.3% market share. Apple iOS was second with just under 30%; RIM (Blackberry) slipped to 16%; Microsoft was under 5%; and Symbian (Nokia) was 1.4%. Read here for more on that.

Have You Joined Our ADNet?

aac android 2
...and following that last one, our Android and iPhone apps are FREE and run ads. If you aren't already hooked up, please let us know! If you have not yet joined our Ad Delivery Network (ADNet), you need to check it out. You can opt-in and display audio, video, and banner ads from national and international advertisers on your mobile phone apps, as well as your desktop players! You make money every month on your split of all listener session ad impressions and clicks. Everyone else is doing it, and your listeners have come to expect and accept ads on mobile, desktop, devices, cars....hey, that's how you got to where you are after all....advertising!

You can also run your own ad campaigns for your local advertisers and sponsors on the desktop players, and fill the rest of the schedule automatically from our network. This gives you the best of both worlds... you can sell player time to local advertisers, and still not miss out on revenue from our Ad Delivery Network.

For more info on the special above, app information, or ad delivery, please send an email to info@securenetsystems.net!


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