Earn More Money with Our Coupon Tutorial

Did you know that you can add coupons and deals right on your Cirrus™ Player? We created a tutorial to help you setup coupons along with some ideas to get you started (that you can download in your Radio Control Panel). Everyone loves coupons, so why not offer them exclusively to your listeners? You can earn more revenue by offering coupons and deals on your player. Since we all love getting a deal, listeners will be more inclined to go to your player -- resulting in more visits which means more ad revenue, as long as you're running ads from our Ad Delivery Network. You can also setup deals with local merchants to offer specials that your station can get a cut of every time someone purchases or enters a certain coupon code tracked to your account. 
Our coupon editor is very simple to setup and use. Once you have entered coupons and deals onto your player, all you have to do is promote them on-air, on your website, on your social networking pages, and email newsletters (if you send these out). Keep promoting and you'll notice more visits to your player. Your station can earn more money on the Ad Delivery Network as long as you're getting people to go to your player. Make it known to your listeners that these coupons and specials can only be found by accessing the player, so they should check frequently for any new or updated deals.
You can download this via your Radio Control Panel under the "Tips & tutorials" section on the main page.


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