Desktop and Mobile Streaming News Updates

Android and iOS continue to carve up the world, another record quarter for smartphones. According to IDC's latest figures, Android and iOS now account for 85 percent of the 152 million smartphones shipped in Q2 2012. Google's OS powered 68.1 percent of all smartphones sold -- with Samsung making the hardware behind for just under half of those. Read more...

Smartphone owners are avid local biz searchers. Smartphone owners are more likely than tablet owners to access local information (88% vs. 75%) and find local services (74% vs. 55%) on their devices, according to August 2012 survey results from Keynote Systems. Read more...

Google's Chrome browser grabs 1/3 of the global market. For July 2012, StatCounter pegged Chrome's global market share at 33.8 percent, up from 32.8 percent in June and from 22.1 percent in July 2011. Read more...

So what does all this great news mean to you?
Well, if you haven't already, you need to get our FREE iPhone and Android apps out there, as mobile devices' #1 growth area is... listening to streaming music! That's right...ahead of Facebook, apps, Angry name it....if you missed last week's news on that, check out this article.

To help keep up on the growth in the mobile markets, check out Engadget Mobile.

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