Check Out These New Cirrus™ Player Features

Check out two new features we have added to our Cirrus™ Player. Make sure you're getting the most out of your streaming!
Upload Your Own Default Album Art
You now have the ability to replace the default album art placeholder with something of your own. For songs where album art is not available, you can upload your own album art cover to display in its place. You can now customize the look of your player even more, by showing an image that's branded with your station's logo and/or color scheme. This can be done via your Radio Control Panel, under "Song and Media Options."


Customize The 'News' Player App
We have added the capability for you to provide your own RSS news feed on the Cirrus™ Player's News app. Right now, the News app is defaulted to display top headlines from CNN. Customize your player even more by inserting an RSS news feed for local news in your area, or any news that will appeal to your listeners. All you need to do is find a news feed and upload it to your Radio Control Panel, under "Desktop Player." Just make sure your RSS feed is a valid RSS source.


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