Benefits of Streaming Your Station

Consider these online growth facts and statistics...

Online listener segment continues to grow, and aggregate listening hours grew by a whopping 37.6% to 6.67 billion hours in 2008 (AccuStream iMedia Research).

Extending market reach and name branding to the workplace and home PC
Potential listeners spend a lot more time in their office or workplace than they do their auto and are more inclined towards extended listening sessions

Adds "perceived value" as a station, that you are competing for a segment of a quickly-growing market
With all the facts surrounding the continual growth of online listener audiences, you need to ‘be in the game’, if you want to ‘be in the game’
Archive-ability – shows, news, joke-of-the-day, podcasts, etc.
On-demand players give you the ability to archive specific content and make it available 24/7 for your listeners – a great value-added benefit
Easily track royalty payments
Keeping track of royalty payments is simple, precise and done transparently in the background.

You can track the number of listeners and capture demographics
Having the ability to ‘see’ current listeners, listening habits, daypart break-downs and more, provides you with the ‘muscle’ you need to sell the features


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