Online Listener Habits

Do you know what the daily online listener peak hours are vs. traditional morning/afternoon drive?

Did you realize that online listeners have a much higher ‘dwell time’?

That’s right. The online listener spends far more time listening than the traditional listener, as we spend much more time at the workplace than we do in the car . . and, they listen at a totally different time of the day as well. Peak hours for online listeners are late morning and early to mid-afternoon.

If you are not employing the proper tools to reach those listeners, you risk losing out on a lot of business from the fastest-growing segment of the listener population. As forecasted by the latest Arbitron Infinite Dial 2009 Report, the online listener population is slated to continue to grow through 2012.

You must learn how to:

    -Reach listeners with your media players
    -Expand your market reach
    -Create a value-added benefit to your terrestrial listeners
    -Create new ‘real estate’ for you to add to your sales arsenal
    -Develop additional revenue streams

Being able to expand market reach, along with the items above, requires that you consider streaming your station online. If the online listener population is projected to grow in the next few years it's important to get ahead of the game and establish your online streaming presence.


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