New Cirrus Player Features – Coupons & Games

Offer Deals & Coupons on Your Player
You now have the ability to offer coupons and deals right on your Cirrus™ Player. Turning this on allows you to provide loyalty to your listeners by sharing coupons and special deals that may only be available via your player. This feature is especially useful if you have a big sponsor that is only offering a certain deal to just your listeners. You can promote these deals or coupons on-air or on your website, then tell listeners they can find the deals by going to your player. You can upload your own coupons and deals by going to your Radio Control Panel's "Desktop Player" section, then in the "Player Apps" section.

Once turned on, an editor will open allowing you to enter all kinds of deals or coupons such as printable coupons, digital coupon codes, affiliate links, QR codes, and much more!

Listeners can access your deals and coupons via the "Player apps" section on the Cirrus™ Player.

Let Listeners Play Fun Games on Your Player

We have just added games right on your Cirrus™ Player. Listeners can click to open games in a new window, allowing them to play all kinds of classic arcade games. The gaming page is still branded with your station logo, so listeners never lose track of where they are. The gaming page is also filled with ad space that you cash in on as part of our Ad Delivery Network. All you have to do is go into your Radio Control Panel's "Desktop Player" section, then the "Player Apps" section to turn games on.

Listeners can access games via the "Player apps" section on the Cirrus™ Player.

It will take them to a page within the player that will have a 'click to start' button, opening a new window with the games they can play. Your player never closes, and continues playing in the background! This is another tool to increase dwell time, allowing you to rake in on ad revenue.

You can view the games in action on our demo player here. For any questions regarding our player and/or features, you can open a support ticket here.


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