Introducing… The New Cirrus Player

Securenet Systems has just released a brand new player, the Cirrus Player. Sign up or upgrade your player today and see why Cirrus is our best player yet. With more features than ever before, Cirrus Player is intended to provide you with the tools and features needed to increase listening time and user interaction. Click here to demo the new player.

You can easily manage all aspects of your player via your  Radio Control Panel, giving you more control and customizable options. Here's a breakdown of what's new in the Cirrus Player.

  • Prominent logo display for branding (uploaded in your control panel)
  • Station contact page
  • Multi-station capability (you can link as many or as little (or no) stations on your player as you wish)
  • New high-quality player skins (choose from our six, or upload your own)
  • Interactive in-player apps (Facebook, Twitter or YouTube feeds, along with news, stocks, weather, flight tracker, chat room and more - can be enabled or disabled in your control panel)
  • Player homepage (your player can act as your station's website, featuring a homepage section with a full HTML editor)
  • Content sections (up to 5 buttons can be set at the top right of the player to either link to other websites, or to content sections with a full HTML editor)
  • Social feeds (interact with your listeners right from the convenience of your player - Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube)
  • Larger album art and song information
  • In-player song lyrics
  • Buy song in iTunes
  • Share the current song on Facebook and Twitter
  • Send player link to mobile via QR code (once the player is accessed on a mobile device, a prompt will recommend to install (or open) the mobile app for a mobile-optimized experience)
  • Slideshow playlist of the last 20 songs played (with buy option) 
  • Geo-restriction (you can restrict streaming to only certain countries or regions)
  • Merged on-demand player (you can upload previously recorded material for on-demand streaming within the player)  
See the FULL list of features, with screenshots, here. To get signed up with a streaming plan or get upgraded today, simply submit a ticket with your call letters in the subject line and we'll get you on the Cirrus Player in no time.


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