Here are the station tools you should be using


We've got 3 awesome station tools to tell you about. If you aren't using them already, you should go check them out right now. They are all available in your station dashboard and they're totally free to use!


The Cirrus® Engager app is our #1 tool for broadcasters. You can monitor audio streams, manage remote DJ settings, view top songs, chat with listeners in real-time, send push notifications, play shout-outs and so much more! Take your station everywhere you go so you never miss a beat. Get it here for iOS and Android.


The Studio Clock is a customizable full screen clock you can launch on any monitor. But it's more than just a clock -- you can configure real-time data points to display around the clock, such as encoder status, current listener count, DCS status, and more. Customize it to your liking to keep tabs on tons of station information. Launch it from your station dashboard.


Broadcast live from anywhere using any device with Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster. Broadcast live from a phone, tablet, computer... you name it. Need to have a DJ on location somewhere? You don't need to bring any equipment. Just give the DJ a single-use code without gaining access to your account and stream. Access it via the Cirrus® Engager app as well as through the station dashboard for desktop.


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