Have You Tried These? Popular Features Updates

Free iPhone and Android Apps

smartphonesSign up for your free Android and iPhone mobile apps to provide to your listeners. You can really brand your name, create credibility and build loyalty with these listener-interactive apps that stream your station and broadcast in a high-quality AAC+ stream. Our Ad-delivery Network also gives you the option to display ads from major advertisers and share in the revenue!
Player Advertising and Ad Replacement
stop watchAd-replacement and ad-insertion are excellent ways to create additional revenue and provide a value-added feature to your advertisers. You can run your own ad campaigns anytime you want, and associate different banners, billboards, spots and pre-rolls in any combination. You can also create a 'player takeover' that displays a particular player skin and banners along with a selected pre-roll, or commercial for greater impact.

Ad Delivery Network

ad deliveryIt's easy to participate in the Securenet Ad Delivery Network and let us deliver ads to your listeners across all listener devices and desktops. We deliver everything from hi-quality video pre-roll and audio ads, to rich media banners that will not turn off your listeners and create additional, residual income for you and your station. You receive a check each month for your split.

Listener Data Collection

listener dataOur Listener Data Collection tool allows you to capture user demographics and build a listener list or loyalty list from listeners that opt to join. They need only add their email address, but can also add additional information if they want.

Embedded Playlist Song Wizard
iphonewhite_playlistThe Song Wizard is also supported as the playlist widget on our custom iPhone and Android mobile apps, and appears the same way as it does embedded on your website, or popped from your player. This provides good continuity with your listeners across all platforms. All functionality is exactly the same as the web and player-based versions.

Search Wizard

searchwizardAdd the Search Wizard to any website and let your visitors search for their favorite artists, albums or songs. Search results provide lyrics, ringtones, bios, concert tix, YouTube videos and more. The widget comes in 3 different sizes, available right in your Control Panel under the blue button labeled "Embeddable Widgets".


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