Don’t leave listeners hanging


Your station's success relies on your listeners...

You have loyal listeners who depend on your station as their #1 source of entertainment, so it's important to be proactive in making sure listeners are never sitting in silence. Luckily, we have tools you can use to make sure this never happens!


Stream notifications can immediately tell you if something is wrong. Receive email and/or text notifications when your stream goes down and comes back up, if silence is detected on the input, and if metadata updates are delayed. This can help you troubleshoot potential station-side issues. You can add as many notification recipients as you need.


Automatically play podcasts/on-demand files if an issue is detected with your live feed. If your live feed is unable to stream (such as due to encoder or connectivity issues), our live stream backup feature will make sure to switch over to podcast/on-demand files so listeners aren't left in silence. Simply add podcast files and enable live stream backup -- that's it.


Use the Cirrus® Engager app to monitor your stream on the go. Keep your stream's health at your fingertips so you never miss a beat. You can monitor many aspects of your stream via the MyCirrusView tab within the Engager app, such as uptime info, DCS status, listener info, and more.


Pop the studio clock onto any browser for full screen monitoring. It's so much more than just a clock. You can add real-time data points to display on the screen, like your feed's audio meter, encoder status, DCS status, and even a full metadata and listener count timeline.



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