Check Out These New Streaming Features… Just Added

Check our some of the new streaming features we just added to our Cirrus Player.

Stream Backup - You can now select your on-demand files to automatically kick in if your live stream goes down. This is seamless and takes over immediately upon loss of stream signal. i.e. encoder goes down, studio DSL drops, etc. At the end of the playlist run, the player automatically checks the station's encoder to see if it is back up. If it is up, then the player goes back to the live stream. If no live stream is detected, the playlist loops and starts playing again, checking once again at the end of the playlist.

ESPN Sports Feed - We have added an ESPN sports feed section, to the "player apps" area on the player, with approximately 160 different categories and headlines to choose from. You can now display an RSS feed of any sports category right on your player that automatically refreshes anytime a new article has been added.

Playlist Button - The playlist button now automatically appears in the menu under the "streams" section, except for when the player is in a blackout. The button is still displayed on the album art when clicked, but we've added it to the menu for quick access. Did you know that you can embed your song playlist onto your website, showing the last 20 songs played? You can grab the widget's code via the yellow "Linking & Embedding" button in your control panel.

Mobile App Logo - You can now manage your station's logo that appears on the mobile apps (as long as you're on the v5 app) right in your control panel. Change the logo that appears on your apps as often as you'd like. The change takes effect immediately (as long as you exit and re-open the app). Right now, this feature is only compatible on the new v5 Android app...but we have a brand new v5 iOS app releasing soon which can also be controlled in your control panel.


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