Become a king on social media


Social media can be a powerful tool for your radio station if it's used as part of your marketing strategy. We've got some tips that can help you boost your social media presence to gain more listeners.


Choose your platforms wisely. You don't need to be on every single platform. Dedicate time to a couple platforms and put all your effort into them. Think about where your core audience is most likely to be.


Create useful and unique content. Always ask yourself what is in it for your audience. If your audience is getting something out of your content (entertainment, saving money, etc.) they will share it = organic reach.


Get feedback and give your audience what they want.People love sharing their opinions, especially on social media. While some feedback may be hard to hear, it is all valuable and should be taken into consideration when planning future content.


Test and learn. Try lots of different types of content (video, images, memes, polls, promos, etc.) and see what is performing best. Try posting different times of the day. You'll soon see the formula for winning over your audience and getting an edge on your competitors.


Quality, not quantity. Make sure you don't drive away your audience with too much content. You don't have to hold yourself to guidelines like needing to post 2x a day. Only post if you are confident that it is strong content that will drive engagement. Your metrics will thank you for it!


Don't forget we offer many social media features for both players and apps. You can easily enable these features right in your dashboard. Put your social media channels right in front of your listeners' eyes.


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