Be present more than ever with push notifications

Push messages

Push notifications are a super fast and efficient way to communicate with your listeners and get them back into your mobile streaming app. Through push notifications, you can provide your listeners with thoughtful reminders, personalized offers, and breaking news. The best's available right now to listeners who have your mobile app installed!

The number of ways you can use push notifications to your advantage are almost limitless. Here are a few ways you can keep listeners engaged.

  1. COVID-19 coverage
  2. Local updates
  3. Virtual artist performances
  4. Artist/podcast interviews
  5. Stores where certain products are available
Remember... the key during this time is to raise awareness, keep listeners informed, and soothe listeners' nerves so have fun and get creative with these messages. The more personal to your audience, the better!You can start using push notifications now by logging into your control panel. If you don't have your free mobile streaming app yet, or need to update your app, you can submit a ticket here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or you can reach out directly to your Concierge!



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