Are You Using These Social Media Features?

Are you using social media to extend your reach and cater to today's listener? If you aren't, then you aren't keeping up with your competition either, because many stations today have learned to embrace the new media (not so 'new' anymore), and integrate it into everything they do, on-air and online. You may be using some of the features that we provide that enable you to engage your listeners with social media, besides Facebook and LinkedIn. If not, check these out real quick.

twitterGet on-board the social media train and take advantage of the newest and easiest way to stay in touch with your posting your playlist information directly to a Twitter page. Twitter is now one of the most popular sites on the web and is beyond simple and easy to use and access. This one is FREE and too easy. You create the page and our Control Panel tells you exactly what to do, then you put links to it on your site, promote it, or even add a radio button to the top of your player and link directly to it.

songsEmbed your current "Last Song Played" playlist on your website, player and mobile apps using our Song Wizard. Our Song Wizard allows you to embed your playlist in your website, complete with album art, artist info, time of play, as well as links to videos, lyrics, concerts, ringtones, biography, and song purchase. The section in your Control Panel entitled, "Site Playlist Embedding" allows you to generate the HTML code to paste into your site/s. You can also select how many past played songs you want to display.

The Song Wizard is also supported as the playlist widget on our custom iPhone and Android mobile apps, and appears the same way as it does embedded on your website, or popped from your player. This provides good continuity with your listeners across all platforms. All functionality is exactly the same as the web and player-based versions.

The player also has a lot of built-in features that allow your listeners a lot of interaction, such as AddThis, chat, song requests, sharing, embedding, bookmarking....but don't worry, we are working on more widgets and features all the time to help you and your station stay ahead of the wave. Online listener numbers are growing steadily, and slated to continue for the next several years, at least. Also growing steadily, is the underpinnings of monetization; online and mobile advertising. And lastly, if you don't already have our free mobile apps, get in touch with your rep, or click or call us ASAP and let us hook you up!


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