Are You on Version 4 with AAC+?

Are You on Version 4 with AAC+?
4Our latest Version 4 player system encodes in AAC+, which is twice the quality of an MP3 or Windows Media stream. If you are not streaming with our latest version player, it's a cinch to upgrade. Although we stream in Windows Media and MP3, AAC+ is far superior to Windows Media. It is also the format used in today's expanding streaming frontier to reach any and all device types out there.
Version 4 incorporates a lot of new and improved listener-interactive and social media features. Many of the new features are advertising-centric, created by our knowledgeable development team to aid and assist you in monetizing your listener traffic. 

If you are already streaming in Version 4 AAC+, GREAT! Just make sure you are utilizing all of the amazing features offered. You don't want to miss out on some great tools to help expand your reach and engage your listeners.

You can contact your account rep or email to get upgraded!
Earn Extra Revenue with Your Player
ad deliveryYou can opt-in to our Ad Delivery Network and display audio, video, and banner ads from national and international advertisers and make money every month on your split of all ad impressions and clicks across all desktop and mobile apps. You can also run your own ad campaigns on your desktop player for your local advertisers and sponsors, and fill the rest of the schedule automatically from our network. This gives you the best of both can sell player time to local advertisers, and still not miss out on revenue from our Ad Delivery Network.

Both the Android and iPhone apps we offer have ads that are displayed at the top of the app. These ads are geo-targeted based on the app-user's location... which means they are only being served ads that are relevant to them! Just like with your desktop player, you also receive a split of impressions and clicks from ads on your mobile apps.
Just a Reminder: Stream Monitoring
stream_monitoringHave you seen our newest feature? It is already being widely used by many station owners and managers. It's our new "Stream Down" notification feature and it's located at the top-right section of your main Control Panel page above the tab marked "Stream Notifications." Check it's a very useful feature and one that you will want to utilize.
You can receive email notifications by entering the information as applicable. To create the settings, simply add your email address (or as many as you want separated by commas).
You can also receive SMS text messages directly to your cell phone. To create the settings, you simply add your cell phone number, select your mobile provider, and click save, and that's all there is to it.


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