Another Reason to be Streaming Online: Squeezebox

Let’s look at some quick facts from Arbitron:
  • The weekly online radio audience has again exploded in the last year, to about 42 million Americans aged 12+.
  • One in five Americans aged 25- to 54-years-old listen to online radio on a weekly basis—an all-time high.
Since the growth of internet radio is huge, taking the step to stream online is a move you will not regret…
Here’s a cool new gadget that will allow you to listen to thousands of free internet radio stations, Pandora stations, and your personal music collection…all in one.
Squeezebox players connect to your home Wi-Fi network to bring the music in any part of your home, office, school, etc. Any station that has an online stream can be possibly heard on Squeezebox players.
There's been a lot of hand-held internet radio devices launched lately. Why? Because internet radio is continuing to expand, and listener numbers keep increasing!


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