New Listener Tool for Alexa-Enabled Devices – StationPal


StationPal is now available! Listeners can become fully immersed in your stream by accessing endless info on any show/artist/song that's currently playing on their Alexa-enabled devices.

If listeners are accessing your stream via an Alexa-enabled device (or any smart speaker), Alexa will prompt the listener to go to to learn about the song/artist. When the listener goes to, they can also interact with your companion player and player apps. Our patent-pending technology automatically knows that a listener is connected on a smart speaker and will display YOUR companion player!

This is what it looks like when a listener goes to while listening on a smart speaker. This "listener" is currently listening to North Country 99.3.


StationPal will display:

  • Song info
  • Artist info
  • Artist bio
  • Artist videos
  • Artist website
  • Artist social media
  • Discography

How it works:

  1. Listeners will ask Alexa to start playing your station on their Alexa-enabled device.
  2. Alexa will tell listeners to go to before your stream starts.
  3. Listeners will go to, and will sync to your station's now playing info on a fully interactive player that will display all show/artist/song info as well as allow interaction with the listener.

Note: If a listener goes to and is not currently listening to your station on their Alexa-enabled device, it will show a roadmap page with instructions on how to get started. Once they are listening on their Alexa-enabled device, they can refresh the page to display the companion player.


If you haven't already enabled a skill for your station, now is the time! Open a ticket to get started. If you have any questions on how to enable a skill or StationPal features, please let us know.


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