New Feature: Upload Custom Skins for Content Sections on the Cirrus® Player

New player feature

We have a great new feature that you can start using immediately! You now have the ability to upload your own custom background player skins that can be assigned to any content section you add as a top menu button on your Cirrus® Player. When listeners click on any of the menu buttons at the top of the player, the player's background will refresh to show the custom one assigned to that button. When the listener closes the section, the player will revert back to your main player skin. Click here for our live demo.

Custom player skins

Custom player skins

This means you have full control over branding for sponsorships, organizations, coupons, deals, special events, guest appearances, etc. It's a great addition to use as a player takeover. It's really easy to add a custom skin. Just go to your Radio Control Panel's Desktop Player section > "Top menu buttons & content."

The dimensions of the skin are 940 x 630 pixels, but the image will be resized to the size of the player if not the proper dimensions. If you have any partnerships with local vendors and are currently assigning a top menu button to them, use a player skin takeover with their logo for more impact.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this new feature or any other feature.


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