Securenet’s Latest Features Update

Just in case you missed them, here is a recap of some of the newer features we have added to the Cirrus™ Player in the last couple of months. We are always adding features, so stay tuned because there are more on the way! Also, if you have comments or suggestions on any features or…
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Earn More Money with Our Coupon Tutorial

Did you know that you can add coupons and deals right on your Cirrus™ Player? We created a tutorial to help you setup coupons along with some ideas to get you started (that you can download in your Radio Control Panel). Everyone loves coupons, so why not offer them exclusively to your listeners? You can…
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Generate More Revenue and Listeners with Mobile Apps

Did you know that you can earn even more revenue by the ads running on your mobile streaming apps? Our Ad Delivery Network is not just limited to the desktop player; our iOS and Android apps are also part of the mix. You should be promoting your mobile apps just like you are promoting your…
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Recap of Newly Added Cirrus Player Features

Entertainment News Player App NEW THIS WEEK --- You can now display entertainment news feeds right on your Cirrus™ Player. You can choose which news feed you want to display: E! News, Ask E!, The Soup, Fashion Police, Red Carpet, The Trend, celebrity photos, and of course, TMZ.  The feed constantly refreshes, so you're never…
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New Cirrus Player Features – Coupons & Games

Offer Deals & Coupons on Your Player You now have the ability to offer coupons and deals right on your Cirrus™ Player. Turning this on allows you to provide loyalty to your listeners by sharing coupons and special deals that may only be available via your player. This feature is especially useful if you have…
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Add Your Own Twitter Hashtags — Buy Songs from iTunes & Amazon

NEW Feature - Add Your Own Twitter Hashtags You requested it, and now it's here! You are now able to log into your Radio Control Panel and add your own hashtags to the automatic Twitter update for song tweets, so your followers can be kept up to date with your playlist. Our system automatically adds…
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NEW – Stream Live Video Right on Your Player

Now you can stream live professional-quality video from your Ustream Channel right on your desktop player, as long as you're on our latest Cirrus™ Player. All you have to do is setup a Ustream account, if you don't already have one, then go to your Radio Control Panel to add your Ustream Channel ID. It's…
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Say Hello to Our New v5 iOS App – Now Available!

Introducing... The New v5 iOS App Our newest iOS app has just been released! This version has way more features, a user-friendly interface, and a sleeker layout. We've made our v5 iOS app similar to the v5 Android app to provide your listeners with continuity and consistency across all platforms. This version is optimized for…
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Recap of Securenet’s Trip to NAB in Las Vegas Last Weekend

2013 NAB Show in Las Vegas The annual NAB trade show, produced by the National Association of Broadcasters, was held in Las Vegas this past weekend. The NAB show is the largest, and most talked about B2B event for media and entertainment professionals. They all come together at the NAB Show for creative inspiration and next-generation…
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Internet Radio Listeners Average 12 Hours a Week

The Infinite Dial 2013: Navigating Digital Platforms  Arbitron/Edison just released their yearly report called "The Infinite Dial 2013" on Tuesday. The study provides estimates of emerging digital platforms and their impact on the media landscape based on self-reported consumer behaviors and attitudes. Online radio continues its growth trajectory reaching new highs for weekly usage and…
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Streaming Revenues Now Surpass $1 Billion In the US

Streaming Revenues Now Surpass $1 Billion In the US According to revenue statistics shared with Digital Music News by label trade group RIAA, it includes everything from Spotify to Pandora to YouTube to Sirius XM Radio. Anything that falls under 'access' instead of 'ownership,' ad-supported or subscription. "Collectively, [access services] went from just 3 percent…
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New Traffic Player App Available on Cirrus™

New Traffic Player App Available on Cirrus™ We have just added a new Player App to the Cirrus™ Player, a traffic map. Now your listeners are able to see current traffic updates via your player anytime they want. All traffic is updated instantly and displayed in real-time. It defaults to the listener's location to show…
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Check Us Out on

Check Us Out on Alexa.comCheck us out on and see how well we rank in the US and worldwide. If you have never heard of before, they are the number one website traffic ranking service on the web. We currently rank 22,612 globally and 6,587 in the US (the lower the rank, the…
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Securenet Systems Announces World Expansion with New Datacenter Location

Deerfield Beach - March 15, 2013 - Securenet Systems, Inc., the world s 2nd-largest and fastest-growing streaming provider for radio, announced that they have expanded their international footprint by adding a new datacenter location to their network, making it their third world location. Securenet Systems has recently doubled bandwidth capacity, making them one of the…
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Why We Didn’t Use HTML5 for the Cirrus Player

HTML5 - Why Not? HTML5 has been a buzzword flying around the Internet for quite some time now. We've had many people ask if our new Cirrus™ Player would be built using HTML5. Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, we decided that it was best to avoid that route. Then after,…
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Send Your Songlist Around the World Effortlessly

Connect your now playing information to your Twitter account ASAP. Why? We just added two top trending hashtags at the end of each automated tweet - #nowplaying and #listenlive. Each time your player refreshes to a new song or segment, it provides a short link to your player (allowing anyone to pop the player open…
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More Music on Smartphones and Tablets

More Music Being Listened To On Tablets And Smartphones Mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, are increasingly being used as portable music players, according to the new "Audio Consumption Study" from global information company The NPD Group. Forty percent of tablet owners report they use it to listen to music, while 56% of smartphone users…
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New Cirrus Features | Streaming News | Ad Network

Just Added to Cirrus™ - Custom RSS Feeds Last week we announced that stations could insert a custom RSS feed for the News App on the Cirrus™ Player. But now we have just added the ability for stations to insert a custom RSS feed for the Finance App and choose an ESPN category feed for…
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Check Out These New Cirrus™ Player Features

Check out two new features we have added to our Cirrus™ Player. Make sure you're getting the most out of your streaming! Upload Your Own Default Album Art You now have the ability to replace the default album art placeholder with something of your own. For songs where album art is not available, you can…
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Online Ad Growth – Apps – Cirrus Player

Online Advertising Growth - Targeting a Factor Marketers say the most important benefit of online advertising, compared to offline advertising, is online's more accurate targeting capabilities, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting. (click image to enlarge) The study notes that targeted media are the most highly valued, with traditional paid search (78% rating…
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