Introducing… Cirrus® Console, an All-in-One Streaming Solution

Cirrus® Console Radio stations and broadcasters can use our free Cirrus® Console that includes our DCS (Data Capture Software), encoder, and Mixxx playlist program that all work together under one shell. You can choose to just use our Cirrus® Console without Mixxx if you already have your own automation software or playlist program. You simply install,…
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Interactive Social Media Feeds: Apps & Promotions

Facebook Facebook is a great tool to get listeners on your player. You can use your station's Facebook page to prompt and direct listeners to go to your desktop player or download your mobile streaming apps. You can also incorporate a social media contest linking to your player, driving more user interaction. Embed your Facebook feed…
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Don’t focus on the wrong chip!

Don't focus on the wrong chip! Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is nothing new, of course, but so far it's been regarded merely as an add-on to America's regular, analog-based copper and cellular voice networks -- networks that are currently maintained as a matter of legal requirement. The FCC isn't necessarily such a stickler for tradition, however, as it is…
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Using And Promoting Your Cirrus Player Deals & Coupons

Take Advantage of Your Player's Deals and Coupons Feature Properly optimize and take advantage of your deals and coupons section within your Cirrus™ Player. This is a powerful tool to promote your sponsors' & station's special offers. Change coupons and deals daily, weekly, or monthly.  PRINTABLE COUPONS   Upload a large-sized coupon image or PDF,…
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Cirrus Player Update – Enhanced Features

New Weather Player App  We have updated the weather app on the Cirrus™ Player. It is simple, done in 'flat' design style, uses geo-coordinates to display weather area, and shows weather in Celsius as appropriate, depending on where the listener is from. Listeners are able to click to open full weather details in a new browser window.…
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iTunes Connect Closing for Holidays | New Features Alert

iTunes Connect will be closed for the Holidays  As part of Apple's yearly holiday ritual, they will be closing iTunes Connect starting Saturday, December 21, to Friday, December 27. This means that we will be unable to submit any iOS apps or updates to apps during this time. Here is the official notice from Apple:…
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Run Your Own Mobile Ads

Start running your own mobile ads or mix with our Ad Delivery Network!  Great news! You can now run your own mobile ads on the iOS and Android apps. If your apps are version 5.8 and up, you can choose to run your own advertising or a mixture of both your ads and ads from…
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What’s Your Favorite Cirrus Player Feature?

Did you know...  Our Cirrus™ Player comes fully-loaded with features that you can turn on or off anytime in your Radio Control Panel. Which feature is your favorite? Here are four of our widely used features. Are you using any of these? Top Menu Buttons and Content You can create up to 5 buttons that run…
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Take Advantage of Your Cirrus™ Player’s Ad Space

With the end of the year just around the corner, advertisers are blasting the advertising world with end of the year and holiday specials. "The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming" is our 11-page guide that summarizes the growth of online ad spending and how you should be utilizing your Cirrus™ player's ad space to maximize revenue potential.…
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Cirrus Player… Are you on it?

Just a reminder to make sure you're upgraded to the Cirrus™ Player   If you still haven't upgraded to the Cirrus™ Player, you're missing out on great features and more ad revenue potential. The player is designed to keep your listeners on your player for longer and is optimized for better ad visibility. Its ability to be…
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Music Discovery Still Dominated By Traditional Radio

Music Discovery Still Dominated By Traditional Radio  Even though technology is rapidly changing the way consumers listen to radio, traditional tune-in remains strong and vibrant. Tech advances like satellite stations and online streaming services have certainly gained the spotlight in recent years, but traditional radio continues to attract the biggest audience. According to Nielsen's most…
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The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming

The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming If you haven't downloaded and read our report "The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming 2013" you should check it out now (available for download in your Radio Control Panel). The 11-page guide summarizes the growth of online ad spending and how you should be utilizing your Cirrus™ player's ad space to…
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Are You Taking Advantage of the Menu Auto-Open Feature?

Introduce Your Player Apps... Introduce your player apps immediately by enabling the menu auto-open feature. Enabling this will automatically open the player menu as soon as the player loads, after any pre-rolls have finished playing. The menu stays open for 60 seconds then closes on its own, unless the listener has closed it before the…
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Radio in the U.S. is Still Growing

In order to counteract the much bandied statement that "radio is dying," John Anderson of took the time to analyze 21 years worth of FCC data in order to provide a portrait of the current state of licensed radio broadcasting in the United States.   According to Anderson's analysis, radio is still on the…
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Download Our Mobile Apps ‘Getting Started’ Tutorial

If you don't have iOS and Android streaming apps yet for your station you should check out our tutorial for getting started. Our tutorial breaks down the steps required in getting your apps developed for free by Securenet Systems; specs for creating the proper images required, Apple developer registration instructions, and where to submit all…
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New Cirrus Player Features – Sub Account & Blackout/Whitelist

Create a Sub Account for Your Radio Control Panel You can now create a sub account for the "Advertising & Payouts" and "Reports & Notifications" sections in your Radio Control Panel. This will only grant access to these two sections, giving a 3rd party webmaster, ad agency, or consultant, etc. the ability to manage and…
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New Cirrus Feature – Menu Auto-Open

We have just added a new feature to the Cirrus™ Player - menu auto-open. Enabling this will automatically open the player menu as soon as the player loads, after any pre-rolls have finished playing. The menu stays open for 60 seconds then closes on its own, unless the listener has closed it before the 60…
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Download Our Social Media ‘Getting Started’ Tutorial

Have you downloaded your copy yet? Are you taking advantage of the social media tools available to you on your Cirrus™ Player? You can embed your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feeds right on your player that are updated automatically. Listeners can also share your player and songs on their social pages... plus much more. We…
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On-Demand Now Available on v5 Mobile Apps!

We have just added on-demand playback on the v5 mobile apps for iOS and Android.  Any on-demand files that you upload for your Cirrus™ desktop player can now be played on your mobile apps (audio on-demand files only). All on-demand files are uploaded via your Radio Control Panel, under the green DESKTOP PLAYER button. On-demand…
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