Online and Mobile Music Listening to Rise 15%

According to AccuStream Research, online and mobile music listening are forecast to rise 15% this year to 8.3 billion hours, compared to only a 9% increase in 2009. Total listening hours are forecast to expand 22% in 2011. AccuStream’s report, Online and Mobile Music Spins and Media Spend: 2010 – 2012 provides comprehensive music listening…
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RadioTime and Denison Webradio Announce World’s Radio Stations on USB Drive

DALLAS - (Business Wire) RadioTime, Inc., a developer of technology for finding and listening to radio online, today announced it provides its Internet radio guide to the Dension Webradio, a small USB dongle that can bring the world’s radio stations and programs to any USB-capable home entertainment system or car radio. Developed by Dension Audio Systems,…
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NPR CEO Schiller Says All Cars Will Have Internet Radios

This morning during The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference, National Public Radio’s CEO, Vivian Schiller, had some positive outlooks on internet radio. Here are some of the things she mentions: NPR’s ratings continue to grow -- just hitting 34 million listeners, averaging 6 hours a week. It’s important that listeners are on…
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SoundEx "undistributed funds" top $200 million, Digital Music News finds

SX: AMOUNT REFLECTS “EXPLOSION” OF NET RADIO SoundExchange is holding over $200 million in unpaid royalties, according to Digital Music News. “And, given the growth arcs,” Digital Music News writes, “the amount may be quite a lot more.” SoundExchange’s current pile of $200 million is up from $96.7 million it had at the end of…
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Court caps off ASCAP interim fees, saving radio $40M

The radio industry came home from court with a new ASCAP rate that will take effect in June or July and will remain in effect until a new rate is negotiated or imposed. The Radio Music License Committee says it will save the industry about $40M in annual fees. RMLC’s Executive Director, Bill Velez, commented,…
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Internet Radio Becoming More Competitive in 2010

SNL Kagan recently published an updated 2010 analysis of Internet Radio. While the major radio broadcast names such as CBS and Clear Channel Communications are receiving the bulk of Internet radio ad revenues, based on publicly reported data, on the strength of their well-established local audiences, Internet radio pureplay Pandora Media has shown it can…
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Pure Internet Radio Threesome Head for the U.S.

British digital and internet radio enthusiasts have enjoyed the quality sound and cool styling of PURE products for a good while now. Happily, the company has just announced that three of the range first announced at CES 2010 will shortly be available to U.S. customers. The award-winning EVOKE Flow, the independence-inducing Oasis Flow and the…
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Jacobs Media Technology Survey: Latest Media Usage Findings

According to the latest Jacobs Media Technology Survey, a majority of rock radio listeners surveyed have yet to move to listening to radio on smartphones. Most are still listening to RF-based radio. However, about a third of these rock listeners are using Pandora for streaming music, and enjoy using it regularly. Another interesting finding was…
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RadioTime’s User Listening Sessions: Over 45 Million

RadioTime recently published their user listening session stats. Unsurprisingly, RadioTime keeps getting more and more users. In March 2010 RadioTime had over 45 million user listening sessions. That’s a 40% increase from February 2010! “For 100 years, radio has been an important source of news and entertainment because it offers unique live, local and free…
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The Infinite Dial 2010: Digital Platforms and the Future of Radio

Key Findings about Radio and Digital Platforms: Nearly one in four Americans has listened to audio from an iPod or other MP3 player connected to a car stereo: Although consumers often have to deal with myriad adapters and other barriers to in-car listening, 54 percent of iPod/MP3 player owners have listened to their device in…
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Internet Radio – Traditional Radio’s Future?

In a just-completed Bridge Ratings study of 3500 consumers ages 12+, our goal was to determined the current status/awareness and use of Internet radio among average Americans and the impact of Internet radio listening on traditional radio (AM/FM) listening.The results of this study suggest that the two sets of Internet radio streaming listeners (Streamies and…
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Add 100,000-plus Internet Radio Stations to Windows Media Center

With Windows Media Center, you will now be able to tune in local FM radio stations–provided, that is, you have an FM tuner connected to your PC (some internal TV tuner cards include one) and a good antenna. With Windows Media Center, you can stream over 100,000 radio stations from all over the world. Major…
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Internet Radio is Becoming More Relevant

A study by Media Consulting Firm L.E.K. advises advertisers to consider Internet radio as part of its new media strategy. The study, which interviewed 2,000 US households, found that “Among active radio listeners, 32% use Internet radio services on a weekly basis, logging an average of 5.8 hrs per week per user.” That is 49.7…
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RadioTime and the First Free In-Car Web Radio

Earlier this month, RadioTime, a developer of technology for finding and listening to radio online, announced that the Mini cars by BMW will have an integrated RadioTime web service (via MINI Connected) that will allow drivers to tune to Internet radio via the car’s dashboard and steering wheel controls. BMW will be the first car…
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Radio ‘Greener’ in 2010 Thanks to Radio WorkFlow

Many radio organizations are committed to increasing productivity and doing away with the painful paper system has been a part of radio organizations for decades. Radio WorkFlow’s software links your sales, creative, traffic and production departments with a paperless software system designed exclusively for the radio industry. It even gives radio stations the ability to…
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Premier Radio App for iPhone by Spark Radio

Spark Radio recently launched the only premier radio app for iPhone to feature graphics and social media tools while listening to music. This new iPhone app allows listeners to enjoy more than 10,000 terrestrial and internet-only radio stations worldwide. Spark Radio projects that by April 2010 there will be more than 30,000 stations streaming. Listeners…
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Streaming Radio Growth Charts

There are presently 69 million people listening to streaming radio in an average month. The following charts break down the listener by delivery method, format, location, and growth projections. One can easily see the tremendous growth in online listening reflected in every available metric. Sources - Arbitron, Edison Media, Bridge Ratings
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Another Reason to be Streaming Online: Squeezebox

Let’s look at some quick facts from Arbitron: The weekly online radio audience has again exploded in the last year, to about 42 million Americans aged 12+. One in five Americans aged 25- to 54-years-old listen to online radio on a weekly basis—an all-time high. Since the growth of internet radio is huge, taking the…
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SHOUTcast: You Don’t Have to Lose Your Following

SHOUTcast is a very popular AOL-owned listening portal that has been around for over 12 years. It is free for anyone to publish to, and this week it is ranked 4,895 on, with over 6,000 sites linking in. There are many Internet broadcasters that have built up a following in SHOUTcast and do not…
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