Embrace Social Media and Blogging to Create an Advantage

The latest studies and research show that stations that use blogging and social media to supplement their online presence, gain more in listener loyalty than stations that do not. The use of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be very creatively used by any radio station today to not only instill listener…
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Online Visitors and Listeners Embrace Ads

As more and more stations and broadcasters are beginning to realize, online listeners and visitors are not only used to seeing ads, but are in full acceptance of ads. According to Forbes Magazine, Amazon recently conducted their own survey of Kindle customers and came up with some not-so-surprising facts. Facts that are, indeed, of great…
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Today’s Hottest Wi-Fi Radio Devices

Why pay a monthly fee for music when you can listen to thousands of internet radio stations for free? There are lots of Wi-Fi desktop radios that you can place virtually anywhere and listen to internet radio stations from all around the world, any genre you want at any time of the day. If you…
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The Realities of Mobile Data Network Demands

As many of our readers know, we have been addressing the fantastic growth of mobile apps and in-car streaming over the last several weeks. What we haven’t addressed however, is the tremendous need in the growth of infrastructure in order to support this growth factor. If you have seen or heard AT&T ads lately, you…
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Streaming Your Signal To The Car. Still A Challenge.

Written by Kerry Brewer of Securenet Systems, featured on RadioInk. Look around and you’ll see smartphones galore, but people aren’t just using them to surf the internet, check email, or update their Facebook status. Although in previous articles I have written about the growth of in-car streaming, there are still the proverbial pros and cons.…
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Banner advertising sees a rebound; counting the clicks and CPMs

The latest indications are that online ad revenue is outpacing expectations, according to Kurt Hanson, the editor of the Radio And Internet Newsletter (RAIN). He quotes the latest Arbitron Infinite Dial 2011, where the growth of online listeners is doubling every 5 years since 2001, which I also mentioned last week. Another thing that Kurt…
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Latest Trends And Growth In Online Radio for April 2011

If you haven’t seen the latest Arbitron / Edison Research Report called the Infinite Dial 2011, then you want to download a copy from Arbitron’s website. It is easy to see with all the eye-candy charts exactly what is happening to the growth of online radio and online advertising. An estimated 89 million Americans listened…
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Engaging Your Listeners For Loyalty

One of the major keys to leveraging your online streaming presence is to create listener-interactive features. You want to cause your listeners to behave in a manner that makes it engaging to listen to your stream, out of the hundreds of thousands of streams and sites out there. So what are the ways in which…
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Value of Social Media and Radio Stations

Written by Kerry Brewer of Securenet Systems, featured on RadioInk. If you are not already embracing social media, it’s definitely time to take a hard look at the benefits of using it to promote your station or broadcast. Why? Because everyone else is doing it and it’s proven to increase listener loyalty and expand market…
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The Newest Revenue Growth Area for Radio

Written by Kerry Brewer of Securenet Systems, featured on RadioInk. If you haven’t been living in a cave or under a rock, then you are probably aware of the latest buzz about online music, radio streaming, listener sites, etc. Sites like Pandora, Spotify and Rhapsody have become popular names for the pure-play subscription model. Terrestrial…
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Pay to listen to music? No way!

With all the free streaming radio these days, you have to wonder why anyone would want to pay for streaming online radio content. The latest cars have more than overkill. On the 2011 BMW you have AM/FM Radio, HD radio, satellite radio, CD/MP3 player, USB port, iPhone jack and an auxiliary plug. That’s . .…
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Headlines and Highlights of the Week in Online Radio Streaming

Online digital sales to reach the $20 billion mark by 2015 See for the full story MOG, the digital music service targets TV and auto manufacturers See for the full story VW adds iPad integration to the Bulli See for the full story Coleman Insights Media Research shows online country listening growing…
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Mobile advertising is set to ‘explode’ as Android pulls ahead

It looks like the Google Android platform is pulling ahead of the competition. A news flash from Cisco states that mobile data traffic is expected to increase by over 20-fold in the next 5 years. If this is indeed true, then many business and marketers will be jumping on the bandwagon. The latest Nielsen study…
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Breville Launch Toaster With Built In Digital Radio

Breville is set to launch a Radio Toaster in Australia, that combines two key devices in a kitchen, a radio and a toaster. The device is already on sale in the UK. The eccentric kitchen gadget is designed for those that are short of space but love a slice of toast. The radio is DAB…
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Want to Offer Subscriptions for Your Shows? Sure, Why Not!

Apple has launched a subscription service in the App Store for magazines, newspapers, videos, and music. If you want to start offering subscription services for your talk shows or segments, be ready to share revenue with Apple. Apple said yesterday that publishers will be allowed to set the price and length of subscription terms and…
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Teleca Announces Development of Platform for SiriusXM Radio

Teleca, which supplies integrated software solutions for consumer electronics, as well as the automotive and mobile industries, has announced it is developing an embedded solution to use Android in future SiriusXM satellite radio devices. The solution will include all vehicle, portable and home products. “SiriusXM continues to develop innovative products that allow our subscribers to…
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There’s a new dog in town, and he’s big!

There is a new dog in town, and he’s big! The proliferation of radio streaming has certainly added to the overwhelming global demand for IP numbers. That and the huge growth of mobile streaming apps, ad delivery networks, hosting platforms and social media sites and blogs, have helped to use up all the IPv4 numbers…
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In-Car Streaming Radio Becoming the New Trend!

The recent trade shows are evidence of the explosion of in-dash internet radio systems. Almost every major car manufacturer now makes them available, as well as a host of third-party providers. We recently did a review of the latest dashboard systems for you, and here is an overview. Let’s take a look. Ford - The…
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SAM Radio Automation Software

A perfect studio automation program for the small internet broadcaster is SAM Broadcaster by Spacial Audio. Developed specifically for Internet radio stations, this powerful radio automation software has a quality streaming encoder, a large media library...and an unbeatable low cost! It is by far the most reliable and superior program available, features and costs compared.…
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Stations: Get Your Streaming Apps Ready

The number of mobile broadband subscriptions will reach 1 billion before the end of 2011, boosted by faster networks and the growing popularity of smartphones, telecom vendor Ericsson said on Monday. In 2010, another important milestone was reached as the number of subscriptions surpassed 500 million mark globally. But that number will double before the…
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