We absolutely love the stream set up. Great stream package. Love it!

Greg Hetherington, CKXS-FM

I want to thank you all for providing superior technical support and excellent customer service!  One of my clients is in the process of moving his hosting over to you, and you were very thorough and quick in assisting him. It's really a pleasure to work with you all.

Jeffrey Rozenberg, The Right Byte, Inc.

Just signed up and poked around a bit. Very intuitive and clean… so nice! I’m looping in our digital guy and engineer. Very excited to see the layout on t he back-end. Thanks!

Marc Young, Riviera Broadcasting

Cathy C, you’re awesome! All of you are great, thank you for the quick work.

Sara Snyder, KCDZ Z107.7

Thanks Diego, sorted. Will enquire for on-demand live video streaming. Excellent service from your team.

Tafadzwa Chingwe, Zifmstereo

Cathy, you are awesome! Thank you for your promptness and attention to detail. Really appreciate you staying on top of this! Hope you have a most excellent weekend!

Sara Snyder, KCDZ

Glad we got that all straightened out thanks for all of the help today! Excellent customer service!

Steele, Scorpion Radio Group

I just wanted to send a special thanks to Jennifer Grant who assisted me in setting up my Andriod app, after I had difficulties doing it on my own. She literally hand walked me through it. This is a new experience for me, but I'm so comfortable knowing that I can actually talk to someone other than filling out a help ticket. Securenet Rocks.

Joe Runnels, JMAC Studios

Diego It's a pleasure working with professionals and thanks for helping us grow!

William 'Ray' Gibson, Sorensen Media Group, Hagatna, Guam

Sweet! Player looks really great. Glad we took time to investigate this all the way through! Thank you!

Bob Thornton, KTSO-FM

Thank you for sending us the link for the Android app which we have placed on our website. Our President, Nitika Singh, asked me to convey her thanks to you and your team for all your kind assistance in getting this done especially in such a timely manner! Regards

Rohit Singh, Easy96 Business News

Wow - That was easy... and sounds nice, too! If you have any other suggestions for us, let me know. THANK YOU!

Steve Coston, WGDN

Thank you so much. I'm very satisfied with your company. You rock! I'll send everyone I know your way!

Troy Wilde, The Troy Wilde Morning Show

Well thank you very much for your help today. This is the best experience I have had with Securenet by far!!

Michael Bonnell, Cheer1FM

Hope all is well with everyone. We had a little issue with the website, which went down today. I want to compliment both your support and billing girls - they were both super nice and resolved everything quickly and easily. Anyway, your people got us back up and running immediately and payment is on the way. We're back on track! Thanks

Baden Griffin

I did use the link below and got the answer back in nanoseconds. I have been with securenet for 10 years and there has only been 2 times when we had problem (once some dll's got corrupted and the other was the database upgrade last year) but all the tech support issues have always been answered promptly and well.

Kevin Condon

Thanks for all your help today Diego and for hooking us up with the new AAC+ & MP3 streams. Look forward to working more with you!

Anibal Rosado, Executive Director, Digital Products, Townsquare Media

I have submitted applications for our Android and Apple Apps. The new online submission forms are great. The preview before submission is a huge help. With that new feature we were able to detect an issue with a background image before submitting it.

Spencer Roser, IT Department, Roser Communications Inc.

You & Securenet are the best I ever worked with!

DJ Zip, MRLO Radio

Skye, Also I wanted to pass along that my boss Grant couldn't be happier with the mobile apps and already is talking to me about getting another one of our stations setup with you! Thanks

Spencer Roser, Professional Media Services


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