Thanks for the wonderful streaming service. We and our listeners are enjoying the quality and reliability of the streaming and the apps!

Hazem Abu-Lughod, MazajFM

As you know, we have (thankfully) returned to Securenet Systems for our web streaming, and, I must say, that the audio quality ROCKS! That encoder sure does a nice job!

George Blessing

I'm loving your streaming service. Works great and I'm finding it available on diverse platforms (via TuneIn).  I just made it play WIQQ's stream on my new Amazon Echo! I just said, "Alexa, play radio station WIQQ." Within 3 seconds it was playing!

Kirk Harnack, CBRE

I want to thank you for all the time you’ve given to me and my staff in working through this transition. You’ve always been prompt and thorough in your answers.

Jeff Bean, WCRH

We have been streaming now for the last day and a half, and the feed quality is amazing. I have compared our on-air feed to other radio stations in our area and ours is the best.

Rob Mitchell, http://www.southernmostradio.net

Wow! You guys make me happy! :) Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! So far I am telling everyone that you're the best streaming company and I hope I will bring you more customers!

Edward Rusa, http://russiansda.org

Awesome, thanks Skye! Securenet has the best support staff I have ever seen.

Jody Lee Caudle, http://kwbyradio.com


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