Lea - I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful customer support here! This is a big deal to us as we continue to develop the station. We’ll probably chat more later.

Dave Kalahar, Director of Media and Broadcasting

Hi Lea - Now I’m leaving Streamlicensing and I was so happy to get the call from John Spell. I’m so glad to be working with you as you are very patient and a lot of fun. You are the kind of person that makes doing business enjoyable.

Katy Benningfield, KWEG

Thank you very much Diego, you're awesome! Appreciate all your help setting this up so quickly!

Damian Molina, Lotus Communications

Nice job Lauren and the tech team! Be sure to tell Diego how very satisfied, once again, with Securenet and each and every one of you, I am. I appreciate the stellar service.

Dennis R. Syracuse, KROAR

The format and design of the platform is extraordinary.  I particularly like the CE examples, the bar examples are impressive too.

DJ Dizzy Dee, DJ Solutions of North Carolina

Thanks Diego! I’m getting the channels set up as we speak.  You did a great job getting them set up so soon!

Rene, Flowing Streams

Those are very cool additions to your package! That's why we love sending our customers to you guys! You guys do a great job taking care of our customers, and are always on the cutting edge. Keep up the good work!

Ben Palmer, Arrakis Systems

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your company for the great service you provide. I have dealt with a lot of firms in my 40-plus years in broadcasting and yours is one the most responsive and customer-friendly companies I have come across. The streaming is working great...our apps are working great. I’ve asked a lot of questions and all of them have been answered quickly and courteously. Thanks again and please pass along my gratitude to Lea and the rest of the Cirrus team.

Maynard Meyer, GM,, KLQP-FM

Your company has been clear, honest and straight with us since we started. I don't know if you folks understand how rare that is. The support department always go way out of their way to help us. We feel this is exceptional because we are so small. Most companies couldn't care less about us. Support even set us up so that when we go live our metadata comes up as our call sign instead of "Default User". They did not have to do that. Tickets are answered right away and completed in very quick time. Cristina helped us get ads on our site as well as on air ads. Cathy Correa did so much to create the apps we have. These are truly great people. Another person who has helped us so much is Gary Lee. Mr. Lee has spent time not only getting us working but keeping us working. We use his ideas and thoughts in our ads and players. He helps us figure out problems and answers stupid questions with so much patience, we are very grateful for that. He has been very good to us. He is truly a wonderful person.

Christopher Siehr, Field Of Nightmares Radio, FONR

Hello Lea - This is Phyllis Hester from TALK BACK I01 FM.  It was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday and I appreciate the information you gave me verbally, as well as the information that you emailed me. I told him that  I would rather use your company's hosting and registering the name, which I find to be the best thing to do.  With the service that I am receiving from you and Diego there's no way I could not continue purchasing more of your services provided as I need it. Thank you both so much for your assistance. You are awesome!

Phyllis Hester, General Manager/Owner, TALK BACK I01 FM

TABC Radio is so much better since moving to your service!

Jeff Heyen, TABC Radio

It's been an honor to work with you, as Securenet’s support of our streaming activities plays a critical role in the success of our stations and you have been such a big part of that success the past several years.

Don Davis, General Manager, DAVIDSON MEDIA GROUP

I just wanted to let you know how helpful Lea is. We are switching from StreamLicensing to direct SoundExchange and Lea is helping with the reporting and such.

John M Stephens, President, MediaWatch

Ya know, everybody knows that you get what you pay for. That is why SAM Broadcaster sucks, and you and your company rocks! You guys are so great. Every other company would have waited 2 or 3 days to get back to me. I tell everyone and anyone who will listen to an insane old jock like me that Securenet Systems follows through and actually supports what they do!!! Thank you so much.

Christopher Siehr, FONR

Thank you so much. I love Securenet Systems, it has been such a complete difference over Live365!

Jeff Heyen , TABC Radio

Hi Cristina, I am so impressed at the speed in which you changed the TuneIn info for CCR1 and CLR1 and send along to you a huge thank you! :) Have a great day!

Ron Maxwell, Community Net Vision, Inc.

I really enjoy the streaming: the quality, the interface all very intuitive! We are based in Ohio and we recently had someone from Czech Republic email us and say they enjoyed our station, Crazy! Thnx again and keep up the great work!

Sean Cordi, WTKC 89.7 FM

Hi Diego, Everything good here! Very satisfied with the service. Support is great too!

Robert Wilson, WLIR.FM

Chris was a big help! Both stations are now streaming, and I will work with him again tomorrow to get metadata for WGUE functional again. It was a very productive call that solved major issues in a short amount of time!  Thanks for making it happen!

Tom Freeman, GM, WGUE/WEBL

I have been in the service industry a great deal of my own career and of course have received service from many others, and I must say I have had one of the best experiences in my dealings with David Leon and Cathy Correa. They are so very prompt in their responses to any and all of my concerns. Because of these two I would recommend Cirrus Streaming to the world as one the best steaming companies in your industry. These two are truly a real pleasure to do business with outstanding. Thank you both.

Willard J. Williams, CEO, WITP Radio


356 SW 12th Ave.
Deerfield Beach, FL USA


+1 954 481 9402