Cirrus® Experience

Cirrus® Experience - Fully Interactive Media Player

The Cirrus® Experience is not just any player. It’s your station’s fully interactive hyper-media player with endless song and artist data plus auto playlist. Listeners can fully engage and learn everything they ever wanted to know about any artist. And the best part, they never have to leave the player. Listeners can browse through artist bios, artist photos, official website, social network sites, discography, fan pages, playlists, and much more!

As an HTML5 responsive player, it looks great on all desktops and devices. Listeners across all desktops and all devices can share in the same experience, as it plays universally.

You can fully customize the Cirrus® Experience by selecting a color scheme, adding up to 12 menu buttons, and enabling/disabling player apps... Plus, you have full advertising control or you can turn the inventory over to our Ad Delivery Network to earn additional revenue.

Listeners can browse through endless amounts of artist info, available from the album art.


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