Cirrus® Encore Player

Cirrus® Encore Player - The Most Interactive Player Available

The Cirrus® Encore player is a seamless, flat-style player that displays your playlist in a scrolling fashion. Allow listeners to become fully engaged by exploring artist info, following along with rating songs, and much more. The player caters to any type of station; you can add any custom RSS feed (or use one of our presets) and it’ll add a ticker tape at the bottom of the player. Whether you’re a music, sports, news, school or religious station, you can keep listeners informed all while listening.

If you have podcasts or on-demand content, they will also appear on the Cirrus® Encore player. Listeners can search podcasts by keyword for easy access.

You can fully customize the Cirrus® Encore by selecting a color scheme, adding top menu buttons, and enabling/disabling player apps... Plus, you have full advertising control or you can turn the inventory over to our Ad Delivery Network to earn additional revenue.


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