Studio Automation & Playlist Programs

Our Cirrus® Console integrates with every studio automation system and playlist program on the market. The following programs integrate seamlessly with our Cirrus® Player and player platform.

 Arrakis  NextKast
 AudioVault  OAS Playout
 Axel  OMT
 BCX  OTS Labs
 BSI Simian  PCM Gold
 Cinegy  Pristine*
 DJB Radio  Radio-Asist 8
 DJServ  RadioBOSS
 DRS  Radiocube
 Enco  RadioDJ
 Jazler  Radiologik
 Jockey Pro LT  Raduga
 Kero Systems  RCS
 Maestro  Rivendell
 mAirList  SAM
 MB Studio  Skylla
 Megamix Professional  Soundsoft
 Mixopia  Sourcefabric
 MixTime  SS32
 Mixxx  StationPlaylist
 MJM  Storq
 Music 1  Synergy
 Myriad  TuneTracker
 Nautilus  WideOrbit
 NETIA  WireReady
 NexGen  Zara


*If you are using an automation system not listed above, please let us know and we can accommodate. Pristine requires an additional studio plug-in from the manufacturer.


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