Online Radio is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

 "Is internet radio dead?" was the header on several news and blog sites this week. DO NOT BE ALARMED! They (bloggers and pundits who many times are vaguely aware of the real facts) were talking about the Pureplay-for-pay stations like Pandora and Spotify. Pandora's stock has slid from $16.50 a share and is most likely headed a lot lower...where is SiriusXM? Hmmmm, at around $2 a share, and is a huge conglomerate of talent, production, celebrities, DJs, proprietary content and much, much more.
Meanwhile, Pandora, (announced last week that they aren't going to be profitable this year) and Spotify (who just announced that their US subscriber base is not growing as expected) and others like it are merely glorified playlists, so I wouldn't worry about it. As a matter of fact, the numbers show that online listening is increasing, along with the underlying ad revenue. Like we have been saying for years, "why would you want to pay for music when there is so much free music out there?"
FREE, being your live stream.....linked from your site, embedded in Facebook, running on our smart phone apps, picked up by TuneIn and other free aggregators of music...available to billions at the touch of a finger, or the click of a mouse.
Check out the following news that will light up your world!
NPD's latest "Annual Music Study" reveals increasing numbers of consumers adopting online radio options to listen to, and discover, music. Better yet, consumers are overwhelmingly opting for free ad-supported online radio options, while consumer conversion to paid versions of online, on-demand radio remains low. While 42 percent of web users listened to free radio options in 2011, just 3 percent paid to listen to radio online. Read more here.
Local online advertising revenue is expected to grow in 2012 and could soon push past newspapers if it continues its growth spurt through 2013, according to Borrell Associates' new Benchmarking Local Online Media: 2011 Revenue Survey out Tuesday. Local online advertising is expected to grow 21.3% in 2012, to reach around $20 billion. That's on top of 20.6% growth in 2011. Borrell also predicted that local online advertising could surpass newspapers as soon as next year.
If you are not already advertising, you should be. Local advertising built radio, and continues to play an important role in online advertising as well. You can be selling video pre-rolls, in-stream replacement spots, running banners and bringing in extra income every month. If you want, you can schedule your own content, and fill the ROS with ads from our ADNet.
Our ADNet uses top-of-the-line technology to locally geo-target ads to your listeners on both desktops and mobile phone apps, providing you with the highest quality ads, at the highest-paying CPMs. Our ADNet not only delivers ads from top-brand advertisers, but is able to geo-target listeners anywhere in the word, domestically and internationally as well. So if you are in the US, the EU, the Mid-east, down under, or wherever, we can deliver ads to your listeners and split the revenue from all sessions, both desktop and mobile.
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