New Player Alert – Cirrus® Embedded

Cirrus Embedded

The new Cirrus® Embedded player is now available in your control panel. It is a light-weight, responsive HTML5 embeddable player, designed to fit perfectly anywhere right on your website. Any links/buttons that are clicked on will open your station's Encore player in a new window. You can even choose to start audio playback automatically upon loading.

Cirrus Embedded

You can customize the embedded player to certain sizes and preview how it will look in the Linking & Embedding section in the control panel.

Song info automatically updates along with a progress bar so listeners always know what's currently playing.

Keep scrolling to see how the Embedded player looks based on different sizes.

Cirrus Embedded

Cirrus Embedded

Don't miss out on this new light-weight, responsive design HTML5 embeddable player. Embed it onto your radio station's websites right now as a complement to your Encore player! If you have any questions, please let us know. We are happy to help!


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