Are You Prepared for What’s in Store in 2012?

A major growth area in 2011 was the increase in mobile streaming and the expansion of the radio beyond the traditional dial and desktops, to cars, devices and the increasing demand of streaming smartphone apps loaded with listener-interactive features. The demand for mobile streaming correlated with the increase in smartphone usage, and there will be an even bigger growth in mobile and online streaming in 2012, as our research clearly shows.

A November 2011 survey through MarketWise, non-traditional listening has grown to 36 percent in discrete demos. This does not mean that traditional radio listening will suffer, but most studies find that people are simply adding more media usage into their daily lives; work, home, car, gym...etc. Your listeners are still out there listening at the same measurable rate, just via different means and devices and at different times of the day....Convenience rules nowadays! 

Mary Meeker, an Internet analyst at Morgan Stanley, projects that by mid-2013 mobile internet usage will start to surpass desktop internet usage, resulting in an even larger growth in the mobile streaming area. For the years to come there will be a steep incline in mobile internet usage, with almost 2 billion users by 2015.

internet usage

What does 2012 mean for you? It means you MUST take advantage of this growth and make sure you are utilizing mobile streaming to your advantage. By having your own customized streaming apps for iPhone and Android, it means your listeners can reach you when they are not by their computer or radio....and they will be! You must take advantage of all of our great features and be in the game NOW, instead of playing catch up down the road.
Whether you are AM, FM, or internet, having your own customized apps are a powerful tool in branding your station, show or content. We encourage you to step into 2012 with open arms and embrace the technology. Not only are you catering to your listeners, but you are also positioned to generate revenue from yet another source that's in demand and is here to stay. Make sure you get your own iPhone and Android apps today if you haven't already. Send us an email to


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